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Saturday, February 26

Packing. and weather... I mean REALLY

Last night Diva and I were watching Ramona and Beezus.... Ramona decides that no one likes her and she runs away.  I look over at  Miss Diva and she is crying.  I  asked her what was wrong and she started sobbing.  When I asked her again she blurted out... I miss my daddy and I don't want him to get hurt.  I just pulled her close and cried with her.  I hate seeing my baby cry and hurt. 

When the movie was over we talked a little more about why she was feeling this way... she didn't really  know but said that watching Ramona  packing reminded her of daddy packing.   It was simply heartbreaking.  Aftter we spoke it was 8:52 pm... and raining BUT I decided Frozen Yogurt and hot cocoa was in need so off we headed. 
RUNNING through the rain and laughing made it a least a little more tolerable.

Today we should have been in Arizona BUT thank you to the stupid weather we got part of the way there and had to turn around.  I am SO sick of the weather this year.  I swear ever since he left the weather has been CRAP.  I am ready for the weather and this deployment to be over.

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