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Tuesday, February 15

MAJOR Decisions!

As a milspouse we make big decisions all the time by ourselves with little to no input from our spouse.  I have decided on apartments, colors, decorating... things for Diva.  Then come the REALLY big decisions!  Recently I sold BD's car and we started the house hunting process (OK, not WE but I did) for when he comes home.  We LOVE the area we live in and Diva loves her school and her friends.  While I have never been totally sold on staying in California, for now it's where we will be.    I could not imagine taking Diva from her Grammy here (because the state my family lives in is not a realistic possiblity) and I could not imagine leaving MY grandma!  So California is home. 
With that being said... homes here are SOOOOO expensive that it's always seemed unattainable.  Recently it's seemed a little less so but with him gone I just don't know about making the decision on our first home alone.  AHHHH

What to do... what to doo.......

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Letters From Home said...

That would be tough to do alone. I love looking at California real estate. So incredibly different than the stuff around here but the prices are seriously out of this world. I literally choke when I see a 2100 sq house going for 600k.....YIKES. Good luck to ya!