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Thursday, February 3

Thoughtful Thursday

This past few weeks I have taken time for deep reflection on my mommy role.   Mommy is something that I wanted so badly for so long…. I tried in my past life, but told that it would never happen so that was a pipe dream (or rather a petri dish dream) that would probably never happen.  Then Diva came into the picture and she became my all.  I didn’t mind sleepless nights, pull ups, kids bodily fluid issues…. I loved everything about her little face.  The last 9 months of BD’s vacation have been trying on Diva and I… I had hoped it would make us closer and some days I think it has done just the opposite.  I can only hope that she knows someday the lengths I went through to get her and the love that we have for her
Her first salon day with mommy.... she hated the end result cause it was "too big" (Think Texas pageant hair in the 80's)

Our BIG family time... Her and Daddy had Starbucks dates every week and now we do to keep it up.

Her first real pedi.... well mani/pedi

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