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Thursday, February 24

I'm sorry WHAT?!

Since we have been together it seems that we speak our own language... everything is in some sort of code (for instance every card from him is sent to BLM and from me to BS).  This deployment has been no different.  The date of something centers around addition and subtraction from dates that matter to us.  I know if there are 'fireworks' he isn't meaning 4th of July and so on (Yes, I realize I am flirty with OPSEC here).  Yesterday he actually CALLED me on the PHONE!  I never get phone calls and I just LOVE hearing his voice.  So I was sitting at my desk and I see a 0000000018 number pop up which can only mean it's HIM!  I answer all professional, "Good morning, this is Princess and how may I help YOU?"  His response is one I can only pray wasn't monitored for customer satisfaction.  haha.  ANYHOW... he began to tell me that the internet wasn't working BUT he would be gone/busy for the next few days and needed me to be flexible (Yeah, I rolled my eyes at this one... asking ME to be flexible.  Isn't that synonymous with Army Wife!) and understanding (if I keep rolling my eyes I will get dizzy).  So I asked him what was up and of course he couldnt tell me but spouted some stuff tht I didn't understand so I just agreed and said I love you... then the phone died.  He called back and I spit out I LOVE YOU really quick... and it died.  I HATE SATELITE PHONES!  So with the last call I just said I love you and be safe.... loudly.  haha.  I am sure my office is not deaf now as they giggled.  OH WELL.  All I know is that I have faith, Diva and my amazing kickboxing class to keep my brain busy.  haha.

Do you and your husband have you own language?

Now to Day 4
Day 04 → Something you have to forgive someone for

Sadly, I don't really feel like there is anyone in my life now or before that is pending forgiveness.  As I said in a previous post, I forgive pretty easily.  I honestly don't let many people know me though either.  After BD and I adopted Diva most of my friends walked out of my life therefore it left a void but also one that I didn't care to replace.  Since she came I tend to keep to my family more.  The less I open up the less people can hurt me and therefore the less forgiveness I need to worry about.

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