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Thursday, February 10

Deployment goals- Half way follow up!

When BD left for deployment I came up with a list of things I wanted to accomplish when he left.

1-       Go back to school
2-       Learn Jiu Jitsu
3-       Get back in 2006 (when we first met) shape
4-       Finish decorating and organizing the house
5-       Start writing my book – to be completed upon his return

Then Diva made her goals

1-       Learn to tie her shoes
2-       Learn to ride her bike
3-       Be able to read a book TO her daddy

AS the past year have gone on my goals have changed as I realize I am only human.  I apparently thought there were more than 24 hours in a day.  In addition while he has been gone I won a pageant so I added those responsibilities as well.  I have loved being able to spend more time with Diva and have used the goals to help monitor and ‘check’ myself during this time.  We are not on the back end of the deployment… about 5 months or so left.  Here is where I stand.

1-       Never made it back to school… but I will next semester.  It was too much with Diva and her schedule.
2-       Jiu Jitsu is next as I started kickboxing in October
3-       I will never be 115lbs again, I have resigned to that BUT I am working on getting more fit
4-       The house is ALMOST done – I am currently on the hunt for 2 black framed mirrors
5-       My book is at about 25000 words so a good start!

Diva update

1-       No progress in shoe tying BUT she can put her hair into a ponytail now I call that a win
2-       She has started to learn.  Doing great at it
3-       We are STILL working but making GREAT progress

What are your goals for deployment??? 


npadlo said...

Shana, maybe Diva should try learning the shoe tying method that I learned. It's the one where you make two bunny ears and they run around each other. It's a little slower than the "right way," but easy to learn.

Side note: I still tie my shoes this way, and I dont know how everyone else does it the other way, so it might not be the best plan.

-Nick P

Letters From Home said...

Good for you for even making a list! Taking care of a child is a 24 hour a job so I think you're doing great!