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Monday, February 28

Daydream believer and a Homecoming Queen!

I am sitting here at work just daydreaming about R&R!  I love my job and I love to work.  I do not have the stay at home mom brain… I respect women that do but it’s just not me.  My daughter is my most important job, being a mother is extremely rewarding.  I do know that she loves being at her after school program with her friends… they are always busy and do some pretty fabulous trips throughout the year.  So, no I don’t feel bad that she is there on Christmas break, Spring Break or Summer.  We are able to live where we do, enjoy the trips and events that we do and she gets to be with her friends because we both work.  SO… that’s that.
I know we are still over a month away from R&R (after being gone 9 months!) but good grief it’s all I can think of…. I envision every possible scenario from the perfect airport pickup (him picking me up and twirling me in circles while someone takes a bunch of pictures), then driving to her school so she gets that perfect moment with her daddy (where he walks into her class with flowers and she runs to him and they hug while I cry and take a bunch of pictures) to the possible his mom picks him up spends the weekend with him and I get the post pageant (yep, competing in a Mrs. pageant!) kiss.  I want it to be perfect what ever it is and where ever it happens.  After being apart this long I am sure we could meet on the feminine products aisle at Albertsons and it would still be magical.  Kissing him the first time was magical as will be the first time after this time apart. 
We have had the ability to IM through Google Talk most days since he works days and is getting ready for bed by the time I get settled into my day.  I love that he can end his day with me and I can start mine with him.  We have been really fortunate through this deployment to have as much time to chat and communicate as we can. 
Today I got to tell him the biggest surprise of all… 4 days in NYC in November!  This will be our adult trip for 2011 (last year we did 4 days in Palm Springs)… we wanted to do Germany in December but sadly that just isn’t a possibility this year with the amount of time I have had to take off, Diva has been sick a lot since he left, and the amount of time I will be taking off during R&R and homecoming I just don’t have the vacation time left.  But the 4 days as a couple will be amazing in addition to a family trip we are planning with another family from his unit.  Oh how fun… close enough to plan post homecoming stuff too!

Did your family save for something after deployment?

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