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Sunday, February 6


Ever since hot hubby got to his vacation destination he has decided to be Zen... seriously if I have to hear that damn word one more time I may scream and PUKE but whatever it makes him happy.  I am so far from zen it's not funny... well it is funny but whatever. 
So today during my love/hate relationship with Kohl's I bought into his whole stupid zen thing.... LITERALLY!

Zen is the title of this comforter set... haha

When he left we had no real bedroom anything... just boring BLAH bedding and some Asian themed stuff I put up.  NOW I feel a theme coming together!  Thank you Kohls for our Zen!


Emsmommamal said...

Hi. I've been following your blog for a lil while now. Wanted to say hello and tell you that I LOVE your new bed set.

Letters From Home said...

Love the new bedding! Enjoy! :)

Shana said...

Thanks ladies! I have to wait until R&R to use it... 8 more weeks (ish). I just needed a change before he came home. haha.