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Tuesday, March 1

Hello March - Countdown City!

The countdown can begin, OFFICIALLY! 

Since the moment hubby left on July 5 I have been waiting to say, "See ya next month", now I can.  The past 8 months have had their ups and downs… moments that I thought I would never make it as a single-ish mom.  Days I thought Diva would be shipped off to boarding school before this was all over.  Then there have been days that life is amazingly perfect and I couldn’t imagine this Army life not being our regular life.  Never once has there been any question as to my love of this man or his of me.  He has done everything he could since this started last April with training to remind me that he loves me and we are a forever to him too.  I am glad that I will have his arms around me soon, glad that I will be getting that much anticipated kiss.  AHHHH… R&R will be amazing.

With that being said, there are so many weird little nervous things with R&R though… what-ifs.  What if we kiss differently, like he suddenly becomes a slobbering mess, or if we are just ‘off’ and not meshing?  What if – well the bedroom is weird?  Yes, my what-ifs are all ‘marriage’ things… things that have always been amazing with us.  Our first kiss was at the end of our second date, he left with a hug and came back knocking on my door saying he forgot something… he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.  Cliché but amazing and our relationship have stayed like that so the what-ifs are killing me.

Did you have a set of what-ifs before R&R or homecoming?  If so, how did you handle them?

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