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Tuesday, August 9

And so it goes -

This is my last night asleep alone – the last night that I have to open all of the widows before bed (closing them all before I leave for work to avoid over using the AC) and curl up under a blanket on the chair alone.  The last night I will make dinner for one (that feeds 2),  tuck Diva in by myself praying for daddy's return... and subsequently fight with her the next morning about not getting ready to go fast enough.  The last night I will decided, without consulting anyone, what to do after work. 

Tomorrow... tomorrow is the last change in our life for awhile.  The last time I will be picking him up from an airport in uniform.  The last time I will get a priority pass to head to the gate to meet my soldier.  This is a big one though.  Although I realize that Hubby has been home twice in the past year both times have had an end date – a perfectly timed honeymoon period to enjoy vacation.  This time, it’s for good... well for good in Army terms.  It’s the weirdest feeling to be almost done with the entire deployment.  This change comes with so much anticipation and excitement as well as uncertainty and patience. 

I can't believe it's been 15 1/2 months!  We started with home station AT in April 2010 then more training – and a 2 week break and then we stood there at the Doubletree in beautiful downtown Bakersfield saying our “see ya’s” with Diva a hyperventilating mess ( my poor baby couldn't even say anything beyond "don't go daddy").  After a bit more training he got a 4 day pass and I snuck out to Palm Springs without Diva and spent 4 days with my husband before he headed back to Ft Bliss and ultimately to Iraq.  As we waited for R&R through the holidays and birthdays there were days and months that flew by and others that have taken a lifetime.  R&R was the fastest 2 weeks of my life and then we were back at the whole deployment thing... and homecoming.  Homecoming was awesome!  The excitement and anticipation for that first kiss is immeasurable... then just as fast as he was here he was gone again.  ALC was probably the longest 40 days of the entire deployment.  Maybe because he was 6 hours north of us and we couldn't see him, because it was the longest we have gone without Skype or because we made the decision (not the Army) I don’t know but I am glad to see it over.

This past year has seen a lot of changes, a lot of firsts and a TON of growth for both of us.  There is no question who our friends are nor is there a question of our love.  He is the man that I will spend my life with as I am the woman that will nag love him for the rest of his.  Now... just 24 hours and I will have a real husband again.

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Reccewife said...

Congrats! I'm sure it will be a wonderful moment for you both :)