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Thursday, August 25

A very merry unbirthday and a first day of school...

A very Merry Un-birthday dinner to me!
This morning I woke up at 6:10 to a cute knock on our door (no open door policy here - our new house has a shower thats fully visable from the bedroom door so in effort to not have a Diva Daddy run in it's a KNOCK policy), it was Diva all dressed and ready for her first day of school.... one problem my sweetheart, you need to shower!  She giggle, stomped her foot and walked away.  After a late night, her and daddy wanted to celebrate my 32nd birthday on my 13 month birthday since they both missed my real one this year.  What a fun night at the Melting Pot, a surprise, along with a custom coffee mug made by Diva and a new Dell Duo laptop/tablet from Hubby.  YIPPEE!  We got home late so missy didn't get to shower, just a quick teeth brush and face wash and off to bed she went.
Diva and Hubby spent a day making me an AWESOME coffee cup from Diva for my birthday!

Hubby got me the Dell Duo - I have BEGGED asked nicely for a laptop
The first day of 2nd grade for Diva went pretty smoothly... It took us FOEVER to get down the street to the school as the middle school is right across the street so it was EVERYONE’s first day of school and there was ZERO parking.  It’s a new school so Diva was pretty nervous and excited.  Her teacher introduced her to her new buddy because this little girl has grown up in the school so she knew the ropes.  Diva gave us each a hug and off she went.  I cried, watching Hubby getting her lunch ready this morning and making sure her name was in her backpack, on her lunchbox and that she had all of her supplies.   Then, as we were leaving school, he peaked inside her classroom to see her one last time.  It was the sweetest moment to me. 

Now to get some work done... and head home to hear all about her first day!

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