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Monday, August 22

Monday... I sorta missed you!

With Hubby’s homecoming party and our housewarming party coming up I am beginning to hit panic mode.  We will be inviting those that stuck by us during the past 18 months, the people that mean the most to us in our lives to share in this happy time.  Downfall is that Hubby had made me promise to do NO decorating until he came home from ALC.  Now, almost 2 weeks home we are no closer to being decorated or organized than we were the day he stepped foot in the house.  VERY frustrating!  At least he has made sure to have his gym time daily – I WISH I had 2 hours to go to the gym every day... heck I wish I had 30 minutes of non-packed free time!  Anyhow...

This weekend we spent Saturday SHOPPING!  Normally I LOVE to shop BUT right now it’s all high dollars stuff that I HATE to buy!  First stop of the day was Ikea... As every good Swedish woman should, I LOVE Ikea.  You can seriously get everything INCLUDING food there.  So we put Diva in their kids area (WAY easier to shop) and off we went.  First stop, desks – OH LORD.  We currently have a $20 corner desk from Craigslist that SHAKES when you print so we needed a new desk.  HARDEST decision but we did it.  Desk- CHECK.  Next stop was kitchen storage – BIG NEGATIVE there.  Lastly was a rug – SCORE!  We got an awesome downstairs rug as our new place is ALL hardwood on the main floors.
Second stop – Bed Bath and Beyond.  This place is TROUBLE.  We ended up scoring on a 7x9’ rug for $39!  Office is officially done.  We may need a few little things but all in all its complete!  Our kitchen color is picked but the samples we got were WAY too dark on our walls so back to Dunn Edwards Hubby has to go but we did get all of the decorating stuff for that room. 
Third was Fry’s for a new TV – this place is a NIGHTMARE.  It’s like Walmart for electronics and yes, they could probably do a website on People of Fry’s!  Their prices are great and they do full delivery and installation for your TV and if you are wall mounting it then you should do it professionally, in my opinion.  The problem I had was this.  There were no less than 75 employees walking around, great you would think right?  NOPE – I heard all about Raves and Partying, every single one of them were screwing around on their iPhones and could BARELY point me in the right direction much less stick around for questions.  FINALLY we picked out a TV and Hubby was scheduling the delivery and installation while I went looking for a wireless router for the computer.  15 minutes later, after getting lost and sidetracked on the new Dell Duo (SO COOL AND I REALLY WANT ONE!) I get back to Hubby who is STILL in the same spot and I think there may have been steam emitting from his ears.  They were NO closer to scheduling our TV than before I left.  The manager was showing a sales guy something then would walk away and the sales guy would screw it up and the manager would come back shaking his head... SERIOUSLY buddy if you see your sales guy doing it wrong maybe you should stick around and make sure he gets it right!  We finally left with NO TV scheduled or purchased... just a lot of frustration over the situation.  Hubby will have to go back and try again this week... after the painter!

Tonight is the school shopping wrap up!  Diva got into our new district and is ready to start school on THURSDAY!  My baby is in 2nd grade... I can’t believe it.  She can’t wait to start a new school and meet new friends... YAY!

Here’s to a happy, and NORMAL Monday!

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Rosemary said...

I love Ikea! Actually went there on Sat too! I have been known for spending 3 hours shopping there, yet never spend over $150. I have always seen Fry's on the highway, but never gone in. Thanks for the info. Good luck with the rest of your shopping!