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Tuesday, August 23

The bag lady

Yesterday was a busy day – we sold our TV and microwave on Craigslist, Hubby reorganized/cleaned up the garage and I went school shopping with Diva! 

Miss Diva SCORED on her school shopping!  Originally most of what was purchased was going to be used over summer BUT the kid has more clothes than I do therefore I held them out for school (hoping we would get into our new district and I didn’t want them destroyed over the supper).  Last night I took her for her beginning of the year haircut and to get socks and panties... WELL, it was a nice try.  Socks and panties turned into an hour trip to Target and resulted in socks, panties, cami’s, 3 pairs of capris, a pair of jeans and 5 t-shirts.  I also found out that she shrunk!  The size 7’s I was grabbing were too BIG... weird~  We got home and I started sifting through her clothes, putting away the new and bagging up old when I realized HOLY cow the bags keep coming.  I have been buying a little here and there for school and ended up with 3 full bags of clothes and new shoes so she is set, as is her current after school program because we are giving them all of her uniforms and my best friend’s daughter is getting all of the clothes... WIN for everyone.  I end up looking like a bag lady carrying it all out to my car... crap!

Now I need to find an 8 year old to pass down to Diva... save this momma some money.

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