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Monday, August 15

HAPPY MONDAY and the ensuing Groban-fest!

5 years ago I was introduced to this sorta geeky Bocelli sounding kid from LA - My big 240lb 6'2 boyfriend was IN LOVE with him... sang his operatic songs and seranaded us with songs in several languages.  Summer of 2009 the now Hubby took me to see this operatic genius (well he was being inducted into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame and sang only THREE songs!) and I was hooked! 

This is a Josh Groban week (first of 2 shows we are seeing this year!) and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  I saw him in a mini concert last year in Santa Barbara without Hubby (but Groban did wish hubby a HAPPY VETERANS Day on camera for me!) so I am ELATED to be able to go to my first FULL concert with Hubby sitting next to me trying to sing the songs with the same (although out of tune) melody. 

So much of our wedding planning was done listening to Groban songs (although not our actual wedding song) and this deployment has been a Gobanfest of emotion filled songs.   Its amazing what hearing a specific song can do for your mood, how you can recall the specific moment you heard it – I LOVE music.
So Wednesday night Hubby, me and Hubby’s mom will brave the mean streets of LA to go see Groban at the Staples Center!  I am a little bummed as we had AMAZING seats for his San Diego concert before he CANCELLED it so now our seats are mediocre!  I am a less than happy Groban-ite!

Favorite song (non English) – Solo Por Ti
Favorite song (English) – tie between So She Dances and In Her Eyes
Song I couldn’t hear until deployment was over – War At Home (still haven’t listened to it actually)

T Minus 3 days... AND COUNTING

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