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Wednesday, August 24

Kids healthy eating?

Diva has always been on the high end of the height weight chart 90th for height and 95th for weight (I HATE that chart! It doesn’t factor in ethnicity or muscle mass just weight).  When she turned 5 there started to become a separation as her height became more average but her weight stayed in the 80th percentile, then 6 became more apparent (they used the term obese, I almost killed the nurse) and now at 7 she seems to be coming back together again.  Its a sad relief to mommy-
Diva, like her mommy, loves to eat... the difference is I know that if I eat my weight in carrot cake today then tomorrow I will be munching on basically no carbs all healthy veggies and fruit and exercising whereas Diva doesn’t have that mind set.  She eats too much, too fast and not always the best choices. 
With all of her school shopping lately I have grabbed a size 7 for her shorts, the size she has been close to and wearing for months.  When we put them on her, they were too big.  She was so happy as she is very self aware and feels that she is chubbier than the other girls.  We have been stressing the importance of healthy eating to her so when she talks about food or snacks we remind her of all of the fruits/veggies in the house.  We are keeping her more active, summer is easier as she LOVES to swim, and looking into different sports options.  Its sad though, she gets called fat by other 7year olds.  It breaks my heart when she won’t wear a shirt because it outlines“her belly” (meaning it's tighter over her tummy but doesn't show skin or anything like that).  She is my baby – my little girl and she is perfect.  Her genetics are not perfect and she will probably have a struggle with food but if we can keep instilling exercise and healthy eating I am hoping it will be less of an issue.

Do you struggle with your children’s weight or their food choices?  What suggestions do you have for others in the same boat?


Reccewife said...

I have the opposite problem with my kidlets, they are all vastly underweight. My 9 year old doesn't fit in a size 7 yet. And all those stupid charts make them out to be 'failure to thrive', I've even been sent to a professional diatician since I 'clearly' don't know how to feed my children properly.

Kids are kids and they come in different sizes (just like adults!). If you are teaching (and modeling) healthy eating and exercise, and teaching her how great she is regardless of how big or small she was made, then I think you're doing the best that can be done!

JennyTheBeatBoxer said...

Maybe she would enjoy riding a bicycle as exercise, once it starts to get too cold to swim.

Shana said...

It's super frustrating and I can only hope to continue to instill healthy habits and self confidence.

Thank you ladies~