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Tuesday, August 30

That screw goes where?!

Hubby spent most of yesterday building Ikea stuff – haha.  Yes, he is the grand master at those because I get mad and want wood glue while he just puts on music and builds!  He built 2 bookshelves and a new bed for the guest room, good job Hubby!  So when Diva went to bed it was the dash at getting stuff organized and boxes emptied in which moment I realized that my garage has the same properties as Mary Poppin’s purse!  I would get a box, and another, and another... and they just kept coming. 

The office is coming together nicely – tonight we are moving the computer out of the guest room and Diva’s desk downstairs.  Then the office will be more or less done sans a few wall decorations.  The guest bedroom... same thing.  All of our art is in my closet for hanging when we are neither rushed nor tired.  With newly painted walls I do NOT want to put extra holes in it.

As we were turning lights off at almost midnight we realized that we had forgotten to finish her 'Parent Homework" (ie. all that crap necessary emergency paperwork and PTA money requests you fill out the first day of school!)  We split it in half and went at it... all done and in her backpack in about 15 minutes.  She is good to go.  I am rarely the first parent to turn that stuff in but I never want to be the last parent either.  Luckily Diva reminds us every waking moment of every day if there is anything that we should be doing for her...

Yesterday was also Diva’s first true run in with daddy post deployment.  She is stretching her wings and is close to clipping... little Miss is getting a little too big for her britches!  She got into an actual argument with daddy over what time she needed to be at the lunch tables before school.  She goes to a before school care program, he drops her off about 30 minutes before school starts just so she can get used to being there before he is back at work.  Yesterday they were having such a good time at home they ran a bit later – she wanted to go one way and he was explaining why she had to wait for the childcare director to walk the 2nd graders over, liability etc.  She freaked because she is Diva and is ALWAYS right... not a good daddy mix. Incidentally he was right but even at 6 last night she didn’t agree... and I thought I was stubborn! 

Today has already been a better day for them... I am on my second cup of coffee and a cup of tea so we shall see how the next 8 hours go.  Tonight will be tightening up the rooms and possibly decorating one or 2 of them with art.  The house is almost ready for our weekend company!

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