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Friday, August 12

Officially doing the GTL!

He is home... officially and FINALLY!  Picking him up at the airport was amazing because Diva got to go.  As she impatiently waited for him to come off the plane (I think he may have been last on purpose)

*sidenote * The pick up at John Wayne was a NIGHTMARE!  There was NO parking so after 20 minutes of driving around (knowing I needed to park decently close due to 2 duffels, a ruck and a backpack) I was cutting my time WAY too close to still check in and get through security so I asked the nice guy at valet parking if I could leave my car there for 25 minutes or less to pick up my soldier.  His response was so nice (said DRIPPING with sarcasm) I could but then it would cost me about $30.  The cost for 24 hours is $30!  Are you joking?!  Nope, I had no options so I actually paid $30 because that money was nothing if I missed him coming off the plane!  Then we got inside and waited in the US Airways line... NIGHTMARE... and the RUDEST agent assisted us.  I asked for the passes to get through security, presented my military ID and he handed me a pass for security.  I asked if my daughter, standing RIGHT next to me the entire time, needed one... he snidely asked if she needed to come with me!  REALLY... no sir she is going to hang out here can you watch her?  GOOD GRIEF!  Another 5 minutes explaining why my 7 year old has no ID.  Luckily the TSA agents helped get us through the line quickly and we got to the gate AS the first passengers were coming out.

Back to my story:

Diva waited, looked around people... got on her tiptoes and asked me no less than 100 times where HER daddy was.  As soon as she saw him it was like a monkey – she bobbed and weaved through other passengers and then climbed up his body.  She didn’t let go... and has barely left his side other than school for the last 2 days.  She even started crying last night when I picked her up alone.  I had to explain that her daddy was at Albertsons across the street.  Then he surprised her with a trip to the OC Fair – they spent all night flipping and spinning on rides that make me nauseous just thinking about.

Today is his second day of leave and his plans are gym, running, laundry... and tanning.  I am glad that he is home and relaxing.  Back to work for me...

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