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Wednesday, August 10

He's real...I promise

Today I will be picking Hubby up from the airport.  The first thing out of Diva’s mouth this morning (hair in her face, eyes barely opened) “today my daddy’s home... finally home!”  Her excitement matched my nerves.  I will finally have my husband home – really really home.  No more training, no drill for a few months...  a normal family.  The house is not in the shape I had hoped to get it in but it gives him something to do for the next few weeks before he goes back to work. 
Last night I was talking to my new neighbors and mentioned Hubby coming home this week – 1 of them looked mildly surprised.  Maybe she didn’t’ believe that he really existed, haha.  A figment of my imagination and it took me a moment but I realize that no one I work with or that we live around have ever actually met my husband.  They have all heard stories about my MP husband, some random thing that happened in theater or his bronze star but he isn’t ‘real’ to them.  I have a million pictures on my desk – most are professional and look like catalog pictures so maybe they think I see ‘people’.  Most people, especially in the non military civilian community we live in, can’t imagine what it’s like to be apart from your spouse for more than a year so it all makes sense. 

In just a few hours I will be in his arms... then off to Target! 

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