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Wednesday, August 17

Cupcakes for breakfast - Step 1 failed!

Ever had one of those days that you feel like just lounging and doing nothing?  I have had one of those quarters!  I am usually so on top of everything with a crazy amount of energy... umm lately I have felt in one word LAZY – I feel super duper lazy.  Hubby got home and due to his crazy eating and gym habits he ran right out and got us a gym membership... my argument against it was the lack of childcare facilities so he got a membership at a 24 Hour WITH childcare.  Thanks Love, no excuses now.  I have been whining and complaining about my body and my weight – looking at a 6pack every night and knowing he doesn’t eat ANY fast food and only ‘fuels’ his body with the best makes me WAY more self conscious than I could have imagined.  Worst part is that I used to be like him - I knew the value of every morsel that went into my mouth, I worked out twice a day and relished in my muscles and the fact I still had curves.  I was so proud of my body when we met... then I think his eating habits infultrated me a little more than I wish I had let them. Here I am not totally disliking my soft shape.  So I was supposed to go back to the gym yesterday to lose some of the chubbiness that I feel I have but NOPE, I got otherwise occupied dealing with mom stuff and never went.  I beat myself up last night over it but still didn’t do so much as jog when we took the dogs – see lazy!  Tonight is the GROBAN concert that we have been waiting for since March so I won’t be going tonight.  TOMORROW... back to the gym tomorrow. 

Hubby is slowly settling into home – makes me happy to see.  Last night was the first night we have just laid on the couch and watched TV.  Well – our version of watching it was about 15 minutes of Combat Hospital and we were both out cold!  Woke up at 3 to drag ourselves to bed only to get up 2 hours later – YUCK!  We are going to get the walls painted tomorrow to test out our color choices and see what we think about them.  Then hire the painter and be DONE with it.  Home ownership gets expensive.  Haha.

Lets see if I can eat a healthy low carb day... step 1  Oh wait – I already had a small cupcake for breakfast, crap!

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