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Monday, August 8


His Zen is rubbing me the wrong way!  I am manic at times.... WAY dramatic and over the top and a HUGE ball of stress and nerves.  My darling husband used to be similar to me – he was just always on 10 and I fluctuated (usually below 5 unless we were late or I was lost).  NOW... it seems that I am forever on 8 and he is about as worked up as Matthew McConaughey on Dazed and Confused.  Not sure how that will transition from Iraq to Orange County... from unit living to house with animals and a 7 year old and time constraints and work and bills.  See... I even get worked up writing it!  I am happy that in just a few days I can resume my ‘forever’ but I may need to load him up on caffeine just to keep up!

My other weekend randomness.... Recently it has come to my attention, that there is a person on MY Facebook page that doesn’t like me.  Reason I know this is that for the past year she has ONLY commented on my status or blogs when she has something negative to say others have mentioned it but I just noticed it.  I don’t know what I have ever done to her but oh well - What I don’t understand is WHY she remains there.  It’s become a fun little experiment at this point – I comment on her stuff and she doesn’t respond, I test my theories and she does.  I am NOT 15; I think it’s rather childish.  I wish I knew WHY she doesn’t like me; maybe it’s my honesty that she doesn’t find so refreshing.  At least I know in my heart that I have never said anything behind her back that I haven’t or couldn’t say to her face – unlike those that she calls friends.

Growing up my mom’s reason for mean girls was always jealousy.  This NEVER made sense since I was always the less fortunate kid in school.  As an kid it never seemed to bother me, mainly because I never attended a school long enough to really care and never cared what people thought anyhow.  I really have never been one to care what others think of me – I am sure that I have irritated, annoyed and pissed off enough people in my life... I am not perfect BUT I have the heart to admit that. 
I have lost close friends for reasons unknown – watched friendships just fade away because life happens and changes – I have seen new ones form and bonds strengthened.   Basically I have the important people in my life that should be there.

One thing I know for sure is that I can not wait for Wednesday and then planning our house painting and HOMECOMING party!

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