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Thursday, August 18

Welcome home Groban style!

Last night was AWESOME!  Josh Groban was amazing!  I can’t belive that Hubby and I finally got to see this concert together but it was worth the wait.  Groban has gotten us through wedding planning and a lot of tough times through the deployment.  Listening to the songs, singing along, holding hands and just BEING together made it perfect for us.  I could listen to Higher Window and kiss his cheek or cry during War at Home and grab his hand... priceless.  The icing on the cake was after the show.  We went to go to the bathroom (womens bathroom lines are always SO LONG!) and grab coffee, then had to move the car closer (parking lot closed an hour post show) and figured we would wait to see if Grobie came out to greet his fans (especcialy after cancelling the San Diego show the night before).  About an hour and a half after the show... and smelling a mixture between OLD lady perfume/mothballs, NASTY BO and diesel fuel Groban came out to a throng of screaming fans (teenage girls, their moms and a few random Gay men... and us).  He was signing autographs, smiling and being ...well Josh Hubs somehow got his attention and they had this moment where they just locked eyes and Hubs thanked him for helping through the tough times in Iraq... and Groban responded with “Thank you for your service, and welcome home!”  For my husband who is a HUGE Groban fan (Groban also wished him a Happy Veterans Day on camera last year) it was priceless!

I must say, some of these fans or Grobanites as they like to be called... are CRAZY!  They get all pushy and grabby and well... BIZARRE.  His fan base is all over the place but it seems like a good majority are ladies in my mom’s age range so you would think they would have a little more self respect but NOPE.  They are just as bad as teenie boppers were at a NKOTB concert!  Oh and in the midst of this... Diva had her first sleepover!  It was accidental as she was staying with a girlfriend until we got home last night but once she passed out the mom just asked if she could stay the night which allowed us the opportunity to meet Groban... all in all it was a WONDERFUL night!

Now to count down to see Groban again at Madison Square Garden in NYC in November... our ADULT ONLY trip!

Do you and your spouse have date night?

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