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Tuesday, August 16

Vindication... feels so good!

Not gloating BUT...

The first few days Hubby was home were pretty easy – for him and Diva.  I am learning, slowly, to let him take the lead on things Diva related thus giving myself a much needed break.  I think he doubted all the drama I would tell him about with her.  All of her eye rolling, hip cocking, neck twitching attitude was all in my head... haha How the tides have changed!  Last night while we were rolling out the trash cans to the curb (BIG deal for these first time homeowners!) he was telling me how frustrated he was with her know it all attitude.  Up until that moment he kept telling me what I should do or how to handle situations – ha ha.  This is vindication and it feels GOOD! 
I am not sure what the next step between them will be but it feels good knowing that I am not alone in this and that I can step back and let him fool with this one for a bit!

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