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Thursday, August 4

Hangers in my dreams!

I talked to Hubby this morning and he is just OVER the moon excited that he leaves training tomorrow – he heads back to Texas to get his final paperwork done to come home.  Now, while this is SUPER exciting for him... NOTHING changes for us until he is actually here.  I know that I should be WAY more excited but yeah, I will be SUPER excited the night before he comes HOME.  As I try to remind him, he is moving and for him things are changing in preparation for homecoming but for me... I get up, get Diva up... take her to school, head to work... get off work, pick her up and head home... same day after day.  Not complaining just reality.

For now I am super excited about my new hangers!  I LOVE tank tops.... I am a sweater set girl at work and a tank girl on weekends so they get double duty therefore I have A LOT of them.  I went out and got a bunch of these hangers for my tanks!  I LOVE them.  It helps keep my closet in order and provides more room for the rest of my clothes. 

 I have my pants on these ones... yep, I am in love!

AND all of my gowns and formal cocktail dresses on these
See... all organized

Big excitement for Diva is having one of her friends over Sunday for some pool time.  Little Army Girl has a daddy that is also reserves but we just met them 2 months ago when they moved into our old apartment complex.  I really like them and it’s been good for Diva to have another Army girl around.   I am looking forward to it too as we haven’t really had people over since we moved – gives me a reason to totally finish our room.

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