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Wednesday, August 3

WHAT were we thinking?!

Now that the Army is officially on my LAST nerve we are in the single digits!  When he first got to ALC they were all discussing if they were coming or going (home from deployment or soon to be leaving for).  He and 2 of his classmates are in the same unit and they all responded with coming – next question being, when did you get home.  This was 2 days into the class and their response stopped several of the others in the class “10 days ago!”  Most of them were just floored that these 3 soldiers would do this on the heels of such a long deployment... especially the 2 married guys (we are the only ones with a child).  I think my thought and heart echo’s their sentiments, what the hell were we thinking!  This past month has felt far longer than the 14 before... weird thing with him being in the same time zone and state.  I have been far more moody with him than I was throughout the ENTIRE deployment.  This was a choice we made – a stupid choice but a choice none the less.  It’s for his promotion, his career... whatever it’s annoying.  I have experienced too many ‘firsts’ without my best friend this year and I think that buying the house was the final straw for me in my brain and understanding. 
We are bless though because when Hubby comes home he has an awesome civilian job to go back to- the hours are tough (no consistent schedule beyond a 40 hour + work week but the shifts change) but it’s better than 24 hours of work in a war zone 8000 miles away.  With as much as I complained about never spending a birthday or holiday together, no weekends and plans changing last minute... I have learned that I am blessed for every day that I get to see him and every morning (or night) that I see him in our bed.  I am sure that I will still whine about more missed holidays BUT I will do it remembering that I should feel MORE happy. 
I booked our airline tickets for our AWESOME New York trip in November!!  I can’t wait – Neither of us have been to the City and we are seeing one of our mutually favorite artists Josh Groban at Madison Square Garden!!  Last Veterans Day JG wished Hubby a Happy Veterans Day on camera after a concert in Santa Barbara... awww!  Now to find a hotel in our price range... jeez!  I never realized how expensive NYC was – We could go to Fiji for a week for about the same as our 4 nights in NY is costing... After this we are saving for Germany next year! 
Oh and my food journaling is just basically... well depressing.  I eat like crap, haha.  No really, I do... I have a snacky gene and really need to workout BUT I did cut my carb number in half-ish so that made me happy.  I will keep up on my journal and let’s just see if I get where I want.   I didn’t get to swim last night because Diva decided to get herself grounded – oh well, tonight is a new night.


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