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Monday, August 29

Family, friends, shopping and fun!

This was a weekend... Family, friends, shopping and fun!

Saturday was my nephews 3rd birthday and really our first FULL family function since Hubby got home.  I was so excited to hang out with my sister and her family and have Hubby actually there!  We had a blast – Diva was a bit trying but all in all it was a good day.  Then we discovered Fresh and Easy... ADDICTED!  Their big thing is that you can feed a family of 4 for $15 and IT'S TRUE!  We had so much fun getting all healthy food there.  Even Diva participated in fun food.
Then yesterday.... ahh yesterday!  I needed yesterday with the girls.   Hubby, Diva and I went to Kirkland Home (the Home store for Costco’s Kirkland line) and Hubby fell in love.  We got lots of little things for our house to decorate – then Lowes for some items, well Hubby swears we “NEED” ... then home for a play date with my favorite family.  The girls had fun, the moms had fun and the dads... well they went to Ikea with a virtual blank check err LIST of what needed to be purchased for the house.  Yeah – pretty proud of Hubby because I think that he MOSTLY stuck to the list.  It was all needed things, bookshelves because our others were too tall, guest bedroom things.  Now the purchasing is done, with the exception of the TV and then DONE. 

I HATE shopping at this point.  Tonight is Ikea build and decorate night.  YIPPEE!

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