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Monday, March 7


People pay too much attention to my life … the other day my upstairs neighbor came down and confronted me… in a hushed tone asked if my husband had left me and our daughter.  She had so much pity in her eyes (By the way these are the LOUDEST neighbors possible.  I think they do calisthenics in their living room and bowl in the hallway EVERY NIGHT.)   This question comes days after the guy in the next complex, whose apartment faces ours, asked me where hubby was.  People he has been gone almost a year now and you are JUST noticing?!  I have a blue star on my door, so I find the comedy in where we live.  We do live in an area that is primarily Asian and Middle Eastern with a beautiful Mosque about 5 miles away and trail cutouts that I have only seen used during prayer time.  So I guess I shouldn’t be SO surprised that no one knows what a blue star means.  I often question why my husband was DYING to move here… I mean we have awesome schools but really?
So my nice reply was that my husband did not leave me, he was currently deployed and would be home soon.  She responded, “Oh he is UNEMPLOYED? So why did he leave?”  No, ma’am he is DEPLOYED, military?  Iraq ring a bell?  ANYHOW… weird people! 

So to be clear… no he didn’t leave me, divorce me, find someone new… he will be home soon, I love him and miss him a lot….we are fine, thank you for your concern.

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