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Thursday, March 3

Thoughtful Thursday

I have been thinking a lot lately about our life… our family and our marriage.  I am lucky, very very lucky.  Diva loves her daddy so much and is so excited that she only has a few spelling tests left before R&R, its all she tells anyone that will listen.  VERY cute indeed.  The day he left, she refers to as the worst day of her life, a very very sad day.  That being said it makes moments where she is so full of pride for her daddy to see something, so much better.  She started gymnastics the same month he left, so every week I video or take a photo of something that she has learned in class and we send it to daddy.  This gives her something to talk to him about on Skype and keeps him as actively involved in her life as possible.

This was a picture from January but she is still so proud of it that she does it all the time to practice.
Touching her toes to her head

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