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Thursday, March 24

Thoughtful Thursday

Ahh Thursday… one of my favorite days of the week.  Not sure why but I LOVE Thursdays.  I am still working on cleaning our room… got to get used to saying OUR again.  For the past 9 months it has been MY room and MY house, not intentionally just happens since I am the one that is there.  The dog will not be happy when hubby gets home as she will be relegated to either Diva’s room or the laundry room depending.  The puppy is still potty training in his crate in the garage so he isn’t really an issue in the equation.  I am not happy that I have to work the first week that he is home BUT my choice is home for R&R or home for homecoming and I choose having a little more time at homecoming and possibly a small vaca with my love then. 

Tonight is a big meeting for one of the organizations I am part of, Got Your Back Network.  We are moving forward with several awesome events in Southern California and Michigan.  I am so excited to meet with our Posse (yes, interesting name but I didn’t choose it) to set up some events with the San Diego Padres, the USS Midway, our Martini’s & Makeover event PLUS a really neat event in Michigan!  I love being part of a group that has a main focus of helping the families of our fallen military.   Diva is actually going to be getting a community service award next year for her hard work this year giving back.  She is also doing a penny drive at her school to benefit families of our fallen… yep, proud mom!  She told me that every person can spare pennies to help kids that lost their daddies in war since he is a real hero. 

The days are just cheery from the inside… Lord knows the weather in So Cal SUCKS!
Worse before better... organizing the closet by utilizing my side of the bed

SAID nightmare closet

my Ikea dresser... busting at the seams

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