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Wednesday, March 9

It's my SPARKLING personality!

I have been struggling with our house the last few months.  When he first left I kept it inspection worthy for a few months’ weeks, then slowly it started getting cluttered and then I would tidy.  That cycle continued for a bit, then the tidying would get father and farther apart until it became a disorganized disaster!  I am not dirty by any means… just messy and cluttered.  I cleaned the garage out in January so we could park in there, then planned to start on other rooms to get us going… well that never happened.  Last night I posted my intent to clean my office on Facebook.  No sooner did I hit submit I got a text from a friend that she would come help/keep me company while I cleaned.  I hesitated for a minute as I wasn’t sure if I was really ready to tackle this room.  Reluctantly I said OK, and plans were set.  An hour later she showed up with her peppy demeanor and off we went.  Less than 2 hours later I had 2 tubs of trash, piles of specific items and a stack of stuff to go through… and a list of ‘chores’ to complete before she comes back Thursday. 
I did not know she was such an anal organizational genius!  THANK GOODNESS for people like that in my life.  I will have an office by week’s end, one that is actually functional and inspection worthy.  Next week will be our bedroom, boxing up his clothes thus making room for my weekend shopping spree at Kohls (thank you for the 30% off coupon!)  I am even more excited because this gives me a chance to dress him like I would like him to dress instead of every shirt saying something in Arabic or about OIF, IRF or being an MP (actually those are all now a t-shirt quilt for him to remember but not wear!).  So all in all this is a good thing … spring cleaning of sorts.

Speaking of new… I have started a new business thank you to Girl ExtraOrdinaire for their amazing clothes and this opportunity!

As a princess and Army Wife… with a mini Diva I love sparkles!  Rhinestones and glitter are our best friends.  With that being said I have looked high and low for military wife apparel that is sparkly.  I have tried Zazzle and Cafepress and have not been impressed with ANYTHING acquired by either company.  So with that being said I started my own company, Military Princess Apparel, to satisfy the need of the sparkly military wife or child… or mom, aunt, sister… you name it.  I will happily accept custom orders or you can order the standard: ~Branch~ wife/fiance/princess.  I have them in T’s and Tanks or Hoodies!  I will post some pictures tomorrow of what I currently have as a sample.

You can contact me on Facebook or email MilitaryWifeApparel@yahoo.com

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Bonnie said...

I need an organizational freak to come help me =) I know what you mean by clutter, I have a ton of it too... but every time I think about cleaning it up I just get overwhelmed and put it off.