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Thursday, March 3

Show Me Your.... BLING

I went to visit Mrs. Yellow Ribbon to do her link up on "Show Me Your..."  And this week, it's rings!!! 

Did you look at rings together?
We browsed a store or two just chatting about the type of rings I liked ... simple is all I asked for.  He designed this all by himself and picked out each individual diamond.  I LOVE IT

Do you like your ring? Did you from the beginning?...and be honest!
I've loved it from the moment I saw it!  It wasn't until after he proposed that I found out how much work he put into it, which made me love it that much more.  My favorite part is that they are both eternity bands.

How often do you wear your rings?
I only take my rings off when I am in kickboxing

Do you clean your rings?
I take it to the jeweler once a month or so to have it cleaned. 

What went through your mind the very first time you saw your ring?


Life from the Hood said...

pretty new follower :)

Lydia said...

Love the picture, your ring is very pretty!

Cait said...

wow ;) what a pretty ring huN! congrats for you! xo

Shana said...

Thanks ladies! I love it but I do joke that it should get bigger with each deployment since this was the original deployment purchase. haha

Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three said...

Gorgeous! How nice that he handpicked the diamonds. <3

Nicole said...

very beautiful! I just posted my rings flipflopcombatboots.blogspot.com :)