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Tuesday, March 29


Running is just so amazing.  The feeling your ponytail bounce, the wind in your hair… a freedom of being out side and one with nature.  It’s surreal and freeing.  OK REALLY- CUT THE CRAP! 
I think running should be reserved for when you are being chased or see a really great shoe sale and nothing else.  I hate to run however I do it because I have 2 spastic dogs that need the energy release so 2-4 times a week I run 4 miles… I also do it because R&R is coming and I do not want any food in the bedroom (if it can go on a bagel it will NOT be on my thighs/butt, ie cottage cheese or jelly!).  So running I go… I loathe it and complain to the 2 non-listening dogs (who have tripped me more than once, I have the scars to prove it) about how much I hate it and think that they should pull me on rollerblades.  I can picture it now… a tall clumsy white girl being pulled down the street by a Shih Tzu and a Jack Russell mutt… ahh the site would be worth it I am sure.  Then the two idiots, sweet loving puppies would pull me into traffic and I would be LITERALLY rolling up to the airport to pick up the hubby in a wheelchair.  (Luckily for me I work for a company that provides them!)

This whole getting ready for R&R thing is starting to be comical… there is working out, cleaning, organizing and then comes WAXING… oh yes we will chat about that adventure tomorrow. 

The best part of it is this.. We clean the house, groom ourselves, do our hair... kill ourselves to be in a certain shape and buy a new outfit but all the hubby has to do is get on a plane!  Then 2-3 days later they get off, all stinky and in the same uniform they put on 2-3 days before, we swoon!  CRAP, I TELL YOU... unfair crap!  I will spend a minimum of 1.5 hours getting dressed that morning, then primp on my way to the airport (30 minute drive), apply about a POUND of chapstick and smelly good lotion before he gets off the plane.... Once we are in eachothers arms, NONE of it will matter.  It's all a joke

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Life from the Hood said...

You sound like me when I was getting ready for r&r I did the same thing wax and all and owww but all the nights of sweating of the pounds and primping myself to perfection were worth the wow u look amazing moment I got when I pick mr up from the airport. have fun miss!