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Sunday, March 20


Ok- I know we have ALL done this

You have some sort of dream/nightmare that your significant other did something bad and you wake up and smack him.  He is usually sleeping and has zero idea what he did but you are just in NEED of said smack.

Last night I had a HORRIBLE nightmare than hubby did something horrid... this morning I woke up to playfully smack him and realized he wasn't here.  I was instantly sad... then just pissed that I would even have that dream before R&R.  Now he is on missions and I can't hear him say I love you and remind me this will all soon be over and our life will be normal again.  I have been blessed to find him and have such a wonderful marriage and connection.  I know that this stupid dream is just because its been so long and I am anxious and mildly insecure over the whole coming home thing.  

I sent him an email and virtual slap.... should be sufficient!  Now do go and run, do squats, situps... something.  haha

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