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Tuesday, March 15

Forever can never be long enough for me

First I must say I LOVE the song Waka Waka by Shakira from the World Cup… makes me dance in my seat!

Last night was amazing… Our little Diva had her big celebration of her anniversary of her adoption.  When I picked her up I heard her talking about her adoption.  This was the first time in 3 years I have ever heard my baby talk about this.  I was so proud of her and saw her immense pride in talking about her mommy picked her, she was that special that her mommy picked her.  I did voice my concerns with her teachers about just listening to what others were saying.  I never want her to lose this pride.  I am so lucky to have my little angel… it was a long road but worth every bump!
After we went and looked at a house we put an offer on.. yes a HOUSE!  I wanted to see the neighborhood after dark.  I still LOVE it.  We got home and Diva went to bed and I curled up with the pups on the couch for some TV.
I am a HUGE Bachelor fan... I will admit it.  I am a hopeless romantic and want everyone to be loved and in love.  I see how happy I finally am with an amazing man and child and want that for every person possible, everyone deserves to have that.  Last night was the finale and the Bachelor (SUPER SMART MAN!) chose the girl I liked... a single mom who had lost her previous fiancé in a plane crash.  I must say that the proposal was so incredibly sweet... he cried and she was beaming.   Then as they closed the show they played the song “Marry Me” by Train.  I LOVE this song and Hubby and I sing it to eachother all the time via email, IM and skype.  I started to just cry missing my other half… only a few weeks until R&R.
Then I watched the After the Final Rose… Ummm.  Please don’t refer to your relationship as VOLATILE in the first 6 months there is a problem.  I have been in a volatile relationship and it didn’t turn out very well for me… would NEVER go there again especially with a child, which the ‘winner’ has.  This comment does not give me ANY hope in their relationship but weirder things have happened I suppose!

Do you watch the Bachelor?  Do you like the new Bachelorette choice?

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