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Wednesday, March 23

Screaming for 4 miles...

What a difference a day makes – Last night I went to Diva’s parent teacher conference (FINALLY some great news that the deployment isn’t totally screwing up our child!) and then on a nice 4 mile run with the dogs and the Diva.  There is nothing funnier in the world that a screaming 6 year old running. 

She begged to go with me; I tried to get her to understand how far that really was.  She saw me leaving her classroom and wanted to go home with me… my initial plan was to go running by myself and then come and get her BUT she didn’t like my plan apparently.  I realized she ran 4 miles for the jog a thon a few weeks ago so it wasn’t that big of an issue… until she got bored. 

Then the crying and screaming came (I mean seriously it was dramatic!)and I couldn’t help but laugh because it probably looked like I was chasing a screaming child down the street… but once we left there was no option other than to finish.  Luckily we ran into a friend of hers along the way so that helped for a few minutes.  Once we got home we hit the Jacuzzi and then to bed…. AHH.  I fell asleep by 9:30 and slept until 6 while Miss Diva went to bed at 7:45 she slept until 6:30 STRAIGHT through her alarm clock…. Maybe that’s the key for Friday nights, run her and she will sleep in on Saturdays!

I am trying to instill healthy living and my love of exercise with Diva…. And now that daddy is obsessive with exercise and living healthy its going to be a family affair.

A few weeks left… then R&R!  Oh love, how I have missed your arms.

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