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Monday, March 14

Tears and Ice Cream!

HOLY COW this was a great weekend!  Went to Nevada and saw Reba McIntyre in concert with my mom and sister… we do this every 5 years!  We left our daughters, ages 6, 7 & 9 with my 90+ year old Grandparents.  They had a great time!  I realized that I am the cheapest drunk EVER… less than 2 drinks and I was ready to pass out.  I haven’t drank in years so it was no big surprise.  650 miles of driving in 2 days and being home was great.  Thank you Daylight Savings Time….

I forgot to change my stupid alarm clock for Daylight Savings~ EVERY other clock is changed but not the stupid one that matters so I woke up an hour late and only because my sister called or I would have been WAY later.  .  Diva and I got up, showered and out of the house in 26 minutes… I am truly impressed with us.  Then of course, MURPHY’s LAW… I needed GAS and BLEW my diet on chocolate donuts!  All in all I was only 20 minutes late to work this morning

Today is a HUGE day in our family… with or without Daddy here it’s a huge day.  On this day 3 years ago we finalized the adoption on Diva.  We became an official family of 3!  She talked to her daddy last night on Skype (his morning) so that he could wish her a Happy Day and tell her what her big surprise that he planned.  Tonight we will be going to Johnny Rockets to have hamburgers and floats then a ride on the carousel to celebrate.  I know that he wishes he could be but with him planning it he feels more involved.   As we got to her daycare this morning she announced to her teacher that it was HER special adoption day!  She is so excited and proud.  She celebrates so many dates… Our Wedding Anniversary, her GOTCHA Day, her Adoption Day and her Birthday!  

When the decision of adoption came about, it was after my past life and in a place that I had every intention of single parenting a child.  I met Diva and knew on day 1 that she was my daughter and did everything in my power to make it so.  She was 2 ½ when I picked her up from her foster family and headed home, to our home.  With every bag she declared, “MINE”.  We got everything in the car and off we went.  At home she met my mom, her Grandma and Shiloh (my moms yellow lab), Grandma Shiloh’s name was made (yep, named after a dog).  Over the next 15 months Hubby and I became a couple, got engaged and the three of us were married.  What whirlwind we all went through and came out of it a perfect family.  Hubby is ¼ Asian, I am SUPER white and Diva… well in true Diva fashion she is half Latina so people often question if I am mom, aunt or nanny. HA.
On her Adoption Day, Diva had 3 Grandmas there, her Grandpa (hubby’s dad who is also adopted), and her Great Grandma (my Grandma - adopted) with her boyfriend (foster child that aged out), along with agency workers that we got very close to during the process.  It truly was an amazing day full of tears and ice cream!  We are truly blessed to have her in our lives. 
We are in the process of looking for a house right now and with every place we look at she picks out her BROTHERS room, tells everyone we are adopting a boy baby… and it can only be a boy baby and only through adoption as she wants him like her.  

Happy Day my little one!  Just like that day 3 years ago… my morning started with TEARS of joy and will end with ICE CREAM.

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Michelle said...

Such a powerful blog! I got teary eyed! Haha Congratulations to a beautiful famiy! I love all of you guys and I am so proud to be able to know your family. Enjoy the day I know it means so much to you guys as it does to Bryan and I!!