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Monday, March 21

Trenchcoat, commando... what to wear to pick him up!

Last night I picked out my pick- him- up- from- the- airport look… All I say is that it BETTER be warm!  No, I am not going commando under a trench coat (I don't think removing an outfit will take him any longer than a trenchcoat anyhow, besides we have to pick Diva up from school and a trenchcoat may be a giveaway!)… especially because you have to remove said coat going through security and although the FUN little body scanner should negate the need to do any of it I still don't want to take the chance as getting arrested for indecent exposure is not the way I want to remember the day.  I wont get started on how violated I feel going through there… no one cares and apparently my violation states that I would rather get blown up which is not the case either.  I just don’t see how showing some creepy TSA kid with ZERO credentials and a camera phone "scanning" my goodies helps keeps people safe.  If I had a weapon the metal detector would show that.  This last time I got body scanned and then felt up… THANKS TSA!

In 2 weeks-ish hubby will be home for R&R.  I thought that by this point, 9 months, the house would be tidy and in it’s final decorative state.  Umm…. No chance.  The office is really the only room that I would consider tidy but not FULLY decorated… Diva’s room is a close second, then basically downhill from there.  I did find a nice cleaning lady that will be doing the major scrubbing Monday before he comes home but everything else is my responsibility.  So tonight it is back to my OUR room … need to finish removing all of his BEFORE deployment clothes to make room for the stuff that will fit him now.  I find cleaning boring and exhausting, haha.  I do have some really pretty art to put up in our room so that will be exciting.  The man better LOVE our place, not that he has spent really ANY time there but hey it’s our home.

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