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Wednesday, March 30

Seriously... Father Time SLOW DOWN

Got a call from hubby that he may be home a few DAYS before he initially planned.  NOPE!  The email string went something like this:
Hubby - Are you awake?
Me -  NOPE, sleep typing
Hubby - I may be home a few days early for R&R, is that ok?
Me - NOPE - sorry I have plans and a schedule
Hubby - Really? 

Haha... yes, I am brutally honest with hubby.  There is cleaning, organizing and waxing that needs to be done. If he comes home early there will be waxing that IS NOT completed, hair that is not blonded... and possibly a house that is a little less than clean.  Beside the fact I have a LONG awaited girls night scheduled... and a pageant to prepare for. 

Ok- sounds harsh maybe BUT I am a control freak, I have my life scheduled on my Blackberry and things need to adhere to said schedule if they are to work as I have carefully planned out.   Even a day earlier doesn't work with the schedule that I have planned... yes I know that my life as an Army wife is SURROUNDED by - ISH.  April -ISH, 12 month deployment - ISH .... You can see-ISH eachother on Skype... the mail system, well one BIG ISH!  So with that being said... I don't care I have a plan and damnit I want to stick to it.  haha.

I can't wait to have my moment wrapped in Hubby's arms, kissing his pillow lips after 9 months and feeling the head full of hair (he has bic'd his head 3 times a week since we met)... oh and did I mention he is INCREDIBLY hot with a six pack!  Yep... this is one HAPPY Army wife... IF I get my original plan and days.

Too bad I spent last  night dancing around my room Cameron Diaz (in Charlie's Angels) style instead of cleaning  OOPS!

Plus side - THANK YOU to Erika Lentz from http://www.lentzdesignstudios.com/ for this AMAZING T-Shirt quilt made out of hubby's shirts from his LAST deployment.  I got sick of seeing them, they are WAY too big for him now and I couldn't bare to put them in a box to save forever or throw away SO...

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annoyed army wife said...

Oh, I felt the same way with OccDoc coming home about a week ahead of schedule from deployment. Don't they understand that we have stuff to do and they just mess up our plans?! Well, I hope things work out as planned and he probably won't even notice the non-waxed body parts - the first night anyway. :)