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Thursday, March 17

Opossum, Owl, bat... wife of a deployed soldier

If you had to name nocturnal animals what would come to mind?  Opossums, Owls... bats?  DEPLOYED ARMY WIFE should be on that list... well wife (I also mean, fiance and girlfriends of course!)  of a deployed anything!
Sleep has not been my friend or cohort since hubby deployed.  He used to joke that I was narcoleptic because I would fall asleep in the middle of a sentence at 8pm most nights.  Since he left, I am lucky if I can muster 4 hours of sleep in a night!  I wish I could tell you why but I think mainly it’s the brain that won’t stop!  I stay up and watch TMZ, Bikini Beach, Infomercials… you name it and I watch it.  FINALLY I will feel sleepy and head to bed where I immediately am wide awake and lay there forever.  I hear every noise, my upstairs neighbors are having potato sack races down their hall and bowl in their bedroom I think.
I started drinking tea before bed every night; I thought a nice cup of green tea would warm me up and make me sleepy.  Little did I know that green tea has 26mg or more of caffeine (1oz of Espresso has 50mg, Coke has 35mg)!  Part of my insomnia, haha… oops!  Back to my Sleepytime Tea.  Plus side is that I get a lot done in my nocturnal time!
I am not sure if my darling hubby believes my insomnia any more than I believe his roommate when he says my husband gets up WITH the alarm. 
*Oh yes the alarm… its odd what you missed when hubby’s deployed.  My dear sweet other half has slept through the alarm going off every 7 minutes for HOURS when he is home.  Oh yes, it’s set for noon and I get home at 4:30 to a sleeping husband and an alarm going off… YES MY NEIGHBORS LOVE US! 

I am looking forward to NOT sleeping on R&R though… yes to be honest I am planning on sleeping at least 8 hours a night for the week leading up to that magical time so we can stay up and talk… hee hee.  Yep, talk and catch up for 15 days.  Then go right back to NOT sleeping for the remainder of deployment… which isn’t that long.  Sadly we waited 9 months for R&R then only have about 2.5 months after for homecoming.  YAY.

Back to sleeping on my desk.

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