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Thursday, March 10

Laundry Monster!

What a day!  Hubby is in extreme R&R countdown mode, I am in extreme clean freak mode… Diva is just in extreme mode.  Last night was the meltdown over putting away HER clean laundry.  So instead of listening to the screaming all night I let her go to bed and do it tonight.  It WILL be done before she goes to bed tonight though.  She gets mad when she can’t find her clothes, she hates putting them away and I refuse to do it any longer.  Currently there are 2 loads of munchkin Diva laundry and uniforms ALL OVER her floor!
There are days I feel like she is growing up too quickly because daddy is deployed and mommy needs help around the house.  I talk to other moms whose kids have no responsibility at all and I wonder if I am putting too much on her.  She is responsible for HER room, feeding the cat and fish and her homework.  When I was her age I was responsible to get myself home, yes I was a latchkey kid at 6, starting my homework, washing/drying and folding towels, putting away my clothes, keeping my room clean and my dog so I don’t see anything wrong with Diva’s jobs.  Sadly since she is the only kid she knows that has responsibilities she reminds me all the time that I am evil… haha. 
Yesterday I felt like I ran all day… sitting down last night felt SO good.  We had a ‘Morning with Mommy’ at her school, then I headed to work… after work is my most loved workout, KICK BOXING, then Conference Call, Girl Scout cookie booth sale… home for homework and dinner.  It was pretty funny actually… she didn’t invite me to the Mommy thing and it hurt my feelings, so when I asked she said she didn’t think I would be able to go because of work so she asked another Mom to take her.  I cleared my morning to go with her, she is more important than work afterall… we get there and SHE DITCHED ME.  HAHA.  She went to hang out with her friends and I talked to another mom the whole time… it was hysterical!

Glad to be at work today… it’s quieter with less stress than home.  Haha


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