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Friday, March 18

I didnt BEEP

I went to Kohls last week to buy hubby new clothes… thank you to his amazing weightloss he gets WHOLE new wardrobe! 
*Sidenote - I love when it says I saved $384 and spent $210!  I don't care that it's a consumer trick, it works for me! *
While I was there I picked up a few things for me too… one being this SUPER cute sweater for $6 (minus my 30% coupon!)  I took it to my girl’s weekend but didn’t get to wear it so today, Free Dress Friday, I got to wear it (Along with my Red Shirt supporting our deployed troops!).  It’s long enough to cover my jeans so there is no tattoo/crack showing when I sit down.  This morning at Diva and my donuts and Starbucks morning we ran into one of her CDC teachers… who commented on how cute my new sweater was.  As I was thanking her she noticed the most HORRIBLE thing about my new sweater

The WONDERFUL 16 year old Gay checker (I point this out only because he was giving me GREAT fashion advice for hubby, I mean honestly I haven't shopped for that man since last year so I have no clue whats stylish.  Anyhow in all the talking and advice he should have noticed this little thing!) completely missed removing this little item.  Best part is that it didn’t even go off as I left the store… I am paranoid because this happens all the time there so I am very cognoscente of the alarms at this store.  Most places I just keep walking if the alarm goes off… maybe not the best idea but it’s totally just life in most places. 

The best part of it all is that I have to wear this all day with that tucked into the pocket of my jeans because of the aforementioned cover of my tat/crack!  DAMN KOHLS!

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